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Medicare Enrollment

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Medicare Enrollment



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Find Medicare Savings

As healthcare costs rise in America, choosing a health plan that works for you is important. Medicare Advantage is an affordable alternative to Original Medicare that may help you put your healthcare dollars to better use.

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Why Change Your Medicare Plan?

Original Medicare doesn’t cover everything. Medicare Advantage covers Parts A and B, plus plenty of extras. It’s private, convenient and affordable.

Cost Savings

Many Advantage plans have $0 premiums


One plan that covers it all

Added Coverage

Prescriptions, dental, vision & more

Freedom to Choose Your Coverage

As a senior, you have options when it comes to Medicare. If you just need prescription coverage, you can enroll in a private Part D plan. Or choose Medicare Advantage for a complete package of benefits. You’re in control.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Original Medicare not cover?

Original Medicare does not cover most regular or routine dental, vision or hearing services; long-term (custodial) care; cosmetic surgery; routine acupuncture; or routine foot care. And if you need prescription drugs, you’ll need to add Medicare Part D as a standalone plan. Medicare Advantage typically covers many of these services — plus extras, like gym memberships and transportation.

This sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?

Because Medicare Advantage plans are subsidized by the federal government, many of these private health plans can offer competitive benefits without any extra cost to you. You’ll continue paying your Part B premium, and your benefits will come from your private health plan. There’s no “catch.” But some plans have networks, unlike Original Medicare, which may limit the providers you can see.

How do I join a Medicare Advantage plan?

Once you’re enrolled in Part A and Part B, you can join a Medicare Advantage plan. You can do this when you’re first eligible for Medicare at age 65. Or you can switch to a private plan during open enrollment in the fall. Compare plans online using our simple, straightforward process. Enrollment is fast and convenient.